Aug 19, 2009

Bachelor Pad (Post Marriage) Before and After (bedroom)

For some reason I don't really have a before of this room. It was too hideous for pics I suppose. I love my painting above the bed- my Great-Aunt painted it and gave it to us for a wedding present.

My cozy king size bed. My mama says a king size bed is a key component of marriage. I am loving it for sure, as well as my Pottery Barn bedding. Hubs, of course, hated it at first, and now loves it. He says it was brighter and more girly in the store.

Huh. Below is pretty much exactly what it looked like in store.

Regardless I love my bed.

My antique bedside table- filled to the brim with books of course.

Our dresser, which is probably the only thing remaining from the former bach pad. The paintings are by my favorite East TN artist (his work also hangs in the living room). The two smaller paintings were Hubs' surprise wedding gift to me. Such a sweetie.

There is a small chair in the corner, which will be joined by another as soon as I get them recovered. Someday I will get it all together. I hope.

Here's the bath, which used to have one of those awful plastic doors to the shower, terrible lighting and a mirrored medicine cabinet from 1969. Not attractive. Now all you can see since my camera lost all its juice, is my lovely Tar-jay shower curtain and vintage print. Terribly exciting, I know.


  1. You have a lovely retreat. No wonder you love it.

  2. Beautiful space!

    I have fabric options for you! Send me an email at, so I can show you! :-)

  3. I have said it before, but I will say it did such a great job with this place!

  4. love the bedding!
    mine and my fiances next big furniture purchase will for sure be a king size bed ;)

  5. Thanks ladies! Annie- king size beds are awesome!!!


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