Aug 26, 2009

Why a Long Distance Marriage Isn't Bad

Hubs is in North Carolina 4 days and 3 nights a week for work. This obviously is not ideal. However, it does have some perks. Namely, all the secret single behavior I get to indulge in.
Take last night/ Crispy ham, goat cheese, and mache quesadillas (with whole wheat tortillas natch) and dvr-ed West Wing episodes.

Followed a chocolate chunk oat cookie and the new issue of Southern Living.



  1. Sometimes it is so nice to have the whole house to yourself.

  2. MY husband is in NC for work 4 days/3 nights per week TOO!!.. and i love, love LOVE me those Hubs-less nights! Granted, it took me a looong time to come to terms with that- but i now LOVE catching matinees by myself.. eating WHATEVER my little heart desires, etc! Gotta look at the bright side of things, right? :)

  3. I secretly like the nights I am home alone. I usually have something unhealthy for dinner and watch DVDs of Sex and the City. :)

  4. ha, love it!
    it would be hard to be away but at least you are staying positive :)
    i have to say i enjoy my nights at home alone when my fiance is out coaching hockey ;)

  5. And a fabulous ROCK to stare at while page flipping!!!!! I die, as Rachael Zoe would say :)

  6. Um I could not even look at the cookie or the magazine because I was so distracted by the hunk of ice on your ring finger! I love it!


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