Aug 14, 2009

Wedding Party

Thats my little bro in the glasses. Here's my nuclear family- Daddy, Mama, myself, and Brother.
The gorgeous greeters- Jules, Dids, Pi-age, and Lou.

My beautiful bridesmaids (all 13- I'm tacky, so what) VA, Kinger, Tron, Hess, KC, Purv, AGM, me, A.S.S., Tins, Shelley, MOH, AK, Flower Girl, and Karo. Whew!

The men-folk. All 13 groomsmen.


  1. I love your dress! Is this family land you got married on?

  2. Thanks! Yes- I got married at my parents' house where I grew up.

  3. Your dress, the backyard, it is all *very* beautiful.

    But your smile! The joy is written allll over your face and it is the absolute most stunning part of your wedding pictures! It's what makes it all shine: the emotion that seeps through paper/internet.

    Just beautiful!

  4. REALLY random - I love the dress Jules is wearing. Any idea where she got it?


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