Aug 26, 2009

Update- Henry's Modeling Career

Look at that pup in a tie!!

My mom just sent me her pics of Henry's first photo shoot for Southern Weddings Magazine. Such a stage mom.

Not to be outdone, Dixie got some attention swimming in the ocean for the first time with her beach buddy Tatter (a good family friend's Springer Spaniel puppy).

Sigh. Maybe I need to head down there to manage Henry's photo shoots.

Instead of hanging at the Beach Barn with the pups, I am writing operating agreements for limited liability companies. Snooze.

Mmmmmmm. I need to be sipping on post-beach greyhounds on the porch, and making seafood gumbo in the kitchen.

Instead I had a chocolate chunk oat cookie for dinner, and am scrubbing the bathroom floor. (I love my life, I love my life, I love my life.)


  1. your pup is a mini celebrity ;)
    i love that he models!

    curious....what type of law firm do you work for?
    i work at an IP one.

  2. My firm is a general business firm. I do mainly real estate development and corporate work. Most people probably think it's incredibly boring, but I really like it.

  3. I love that he actually looks at the camera. My dog turns away and acts all annoyed when a camera is around.


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