Aug 13, 2009

College Football continued- Dress Debate

As I previously mentioned, after finding this dress from Anthropologie, my attire for the UT/UGA game on October 10 is an imperative for me. Every year, I try to find the perfect outfit of either neutral, or combining both teams colors. So above was the top pick. Cute right?

Then I found this Alice and Olivia number, on sale. Two things to keep in mind- I'm short, so this will not have hoochie-coochie revealing potential, as it does on the model, and normally at this game I tend to run into every single boy I have dated, kissed, crushed on, or thought about doing any of the above with. I may be married, but I still need to look good!

So which one?? I am torn, but leaning towards the Alice and Olivia.


  1. Alice and Olivia all the way. That dress is DARLING.

  2. If you can pull off the A & O go for it! If it's too short then you've got a super cute back up option.

  3. Go for the Alice + Olivia and let your exes eat their hearts out!

  4. oh my goodness, I just randomly stumbled upon your blog and we appear to have something in common--UGA Grad/fan dating a UT grad/fan?

    I graduated from UGA 2 years ago and my boyfriend graduated from UT. We're going to the game this year in Knoxville(we live in Memphis) and it will be our first football game together(well, the first not watched on TV together!). You're much nicer than me though--I flat-out refuse to wear orange!

  5. Loving the A&O!! It still cracks me up the way you guys dress up for games. I went to UF and visited some friends in Athens for a game and the girls all wore dresses and pearls. At Florida we rocked tanks and shorts or skirts. Ah ha


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