Aug 5, 2009

J.L. Provisional Group Leader. Hmmm.

Okay- so I had my first encounter with my Junior League provisional group last night. All the new members were lovely. The leader. . . not so much.

She was over half an hour late- for the meeting she scheduled. Granted, it was monsooning last night, and I completely understand when work obligations make you late for things. However, when most polite people are late the first words out of their mouth is "I'm sorry I'm late."

Nary an apology escaped her lips. She came bustling in, talked about her job as a coach at a local high school for about 10 minutes, ordered, complained that we had already ordered (another group was there and said we all should go ahead), then finally about 20 minutes later, finally introduced herself.

Hmmmm. My hackles were already up when she proceeded to insult my high school. Which actually doesn't bother me, but demonstrates a lack of social skills considering at least 3 girls at the dinner went there (think before you speak honey!).

I was vindicated when she told us that her parents moved into my rival high school's school district so she wouldn't have to attend my alma mater. However, they moved into the wrong district (they were about 4 blocks off), and she attended a rather crappo high school. Who moves to be in a distinct district and doesn't check the map??!!? Really.

There were several other small incidents but too nuanced to describe if you weren't there to personally witness. So am I being over-sensitive? Or is this girl rude?


  1. Definitely rude. I have to say that I have recently become much more sensitive to this sort of thing- I can't brush it off the way I could when younger. But lateness should always result in an automatic apology.


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