Aug 31, 2009

Hurrah! Another Peanut!

I am beyond thrilled becuase I just found out one of my best friends, Dids, is having baby #2 in April!!

Her first, AH, pictures here turns two today!! Happy birthday AH!

If AH is any indication, Baby #2 is going to be a doll as well.

However, I'm glad Dids waited and was not brewing that baby back in February. Due to raucous times in NOLA for my bach, it would surely be deformed in some way. I've heard that mass amounts of alcohol aren't good for buns in the oven.


  1. She is the cutest thing ever! I'm sure her second will be just as beautiful!

  2. My sister and a girlfriend of mine both found out they were pregnant immediately after a night of debauchery with me. No deformities, no worries... but apparently the best way to be sure you're knocked up is to do damage to a few bars with yours truly. ;-)

  3. Such exciting news! Her little girl is adorable!

  4. exciting!
    her first little one is adorable!
    my nephew also turns 2 today ;)


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