Aug 1, 2009

Stick and Carrot

So Boot Camp will obviously be my "stick" for losing 5 lbs, but I am heavily into the reward system. So what shall my carrot be?

I'm thinking some new fall-ish J.Crew will do nicely!

In the lavender, coral, and possibly yellow (is it too much for a pale blonde?). As well as these:

Do you think those plus the loss of 5 pounds will lead me to magically resemble one of these two?

Hmmmm, doubtful. Maybe I need a bracelet as well. Maybe one like this-

I think that will look lovely on my newly skinny wrist in a month or so. Too bad I'm saving up for a big surprise trip to NYC for Hubs for his 30th. Unless- I need all these things to wear on my trip!!!! Of course!!!

Updated to Add:

The first day of boot camp was this morning- not too bad. It was mainly a warmup and a fitness test which consisted of running a mile (9:16- I've always been slower than molasses), sit-ups (only 22, v.poor- I'm blaming on lack of anyone sitting on my feet, or being able to prop my feet against a wall?), push-ups (40 man style, 22 on my knees- whoohoo!), and dips (40 regular, 24 with my knees bent). Overall, I'm pretty pleased with myself, although I am exhausted form waking at 5 AM. 29 more days til clothing rewards!


  1. You definitely need these for your trip! I can't believe you would even ask that?!?!

    I love that bracelet! They have some great jewelry right now!

  2. Oh and as far as the Frances Ruffle cami...I think you could probably pull off the yellow! I think you and I have similar complexions and I was happy with the way it looked in the dressing room, although I ended up with the ivory one!


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