Aug 19, 2009

Tomorrow! Tomorrow! Tim Gunn is only a day away!

Hello, Tim Gunn. Please preside over all my dinner parties, and tell me how to tweak everything just so. Sigh.

I wish someone could just create a pocket size version of TG to ride around with me in my purse. Am I in or out? Not sure- I will consult my pocket Tim Gunn. I could make millions- it would be the must have accessory!

Project Runway starts tomorrow with the all-star competition at 8 (hurrah! Chris March, Mychael Knight, even Santino!!). I'm a little nervous about the move to Lifetime, but am really feeling this all-star thing.


Too bad there is no Laura Bennett.

No other way to describe her other than Badass. And she is a southerner.
Do ya'll watchers remember when they went to Central Park and she wore her riding boots?

Until then I will be reading recaps of previous seasons on Project Rungay. Auf Wiedersehen.


  1. I would love a pocket TG!! But, I have a vision in my head of him popping out of my purse giving me a look down his nose/over his glasses and saying "this concerns me...". I envision this happening at like 1 a.m. on a Friday night...

  2. I am SO looking forward to the season premiere!!

  3. I am really excited, but agree about the being nervous on the Lifetime transition.

  4. Love, love Tim Gunn! I've always said I think he & I would be fabulous friends (if only!). And, Laura was always my favorite. Loved her classic style - she always looked chic. How did she manage to wear those heels while 6 months pregnant?!


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