Aug 26, 2009

Orange Clothing Update

Here's my super-cute new Liz Claiborne UT orange sundress. I think Liz's new creative director, Tim Gunn, made it work! Plus it was on sale for only $30.

It also has a really cute open back. I attempted to capture this for ya'll. Unfortunately I am not a contortionist and extremely sore from my attempts to learn how to do a pull-up. Hence this.

You can kind of see my back in the top right corner. Just go to the link and look at the professional model photographed my the professional photographer, okay?

Here I debated what dress to get for the ever-important UT vs. UGA game. Went with the Alice and Olivia one, which came in the mail the other day. Whoohoo!

Here's the thing- it fits super cute, is flowy and has an empire waist (crucial for the amount of alcohol consumed on game days). However, the promised orange sash is red! There is a teensy amount of orange in the whole thing. Thoughts? Advice? Return or keep??
I'm contemplating a stealth trip to ATL this Sunday after Sunday school to return an online purchase to Anthro and try on the other dress. Then I can do a dressing room comparison.


  1. I vote you wear more orange and less red ;D

  2. What about just finding an orange belt from somewhere else?

  3. I have to say, as a GA fan, the dress looks more like you pull for the dawgs rather than the vols. However, it is super cute and perhaps should be kept just for giggles! :)

  4. Both dresses are super cute; I love the cut of the orange one!

  5. Oh, you southern girls & your ability to get dressed up for games! I've tried to find cute stuff for UT (the other UT!) games, but apparently the color burnt orange and fun dresses are mutually exclusive terms. Sigh.

    In any event, both of those dresses are darling!

    Thanks for the comments on my blog, and of course you're welcome to link to me anytime!


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