Aug 20, 2009

Do you know Petro?

Unless you live in the East Tennessee area, you have never experienced the glory that is a Petro. First, let me explain their iced tea. Its called hint-of orange because it in fact has a major hint of orange. It's the best iced tea ever. Luckily you can buy it in gallon jugs (sure to make you the hit of the office party).

Next we have the Petro itself. Its similar to a Frito pie, but taken to the next level. I know, how you can you take a Frito(chili-cheese) pie to the next level????

There's your basic Frito pie. That forms the foundation of the Petro. Then you layer on the following:

Followed by your optional toppings:
And here is the final product.
Now comes the crucial step- the stir.

Every bite is a combo of gooey cheese, chili, sour cream, spicy jalapenos, maters and general yumminess. Normally I get marinated cucumbers on the side- my favorite snack. Cucumbers and onions marinated in a vinegar yogurt sauce. So great.
Also, if you are watching your weight, which I invariably am, Petro has "lite" varieties with low fat chili, fat free cheese and fat free sour cream. With all those ingredients you can't tell a difference at all.

A "Petro" bar is also a great entertaining idea. Every year my family has a Christmas chili party. My mama and I make chili for 100ish people, and set up a toppings station with Frito's, cheese, sour cream, salsa, black olives, jalapenos etc. It's a great party, especially for an open house style. After the initial do ahead work, it's perfect for the hostess because you can enjoy visiting with your guests. Preferably wearing reindeer antlers. (Mine light up).

If you ever attend a Tennessee Vols game, most of their concession stands sell Petros. Its heaven after a day of tailgating.


  1. OMG! I wish we had Petro in Texas! We have great sweet tea at places like McAlister's, but I do not know of a place that has Frito Pie (in any form let alone the Petro version)! Where I went to college we had a place that had every possible variety of baked potato including one with a frito pieon was delicious!

  2. I LOVE Petro's they are putting one in the UC here!

  3. That looks so delicious. YUM. I would like that for lunch.

  4. oh.geeee.nummy!
    i wish we had a petro's in MN!
    that looks delicious :)


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