Aug 3, 2009

Must Have Mondays- Cookbooks Part 2

Continuing with the cookbook love-

6) Junior League Cookbooks:

Starting off with my hometown fave- Tennessee Tables

Then the Holy Trinity of Junior League cookbooks:

Augusta- try the Chicken Divan.

The oldest Junior League cookbook- it just makes you want to serve a ladies luncheon on the veranda.

The classic from Baton Rouge- this one makes me want to throw a big party with lots a booze!

7) Anything by Ina Garten.

Fresh food, quality ingredients, simply prepared. You can't go wrong with the Barefoot Contessa.

Perfect for entertaining or eating with your family or solo. Her recipes make great leftovers. Yum.

8) The Glory of Southern Cooking- James Villas

One of my favorite cookbook authors (he has penned a cookbook dedicated solely to bacon- my favorite food). Mr. Villas was the food and wine editor for Town and Country for almost 30 years. Sick of him rhapsodizing about the wonders of his home region's cookery, his editor sarcastically told him to write a book about it. He did, and its fantastic. The squash souffle- heaven!

What are your "go-to" cookbooks or recipes?


  1. Barefoot Contessa is my fav. Lexington, KY Jr. League has a good cookbook too.

  2. Where are our healthy cooking options...!

  3. Shelley- my favorite healthy cookbook is probably You would like it b/c its easy and involves lots of mix and match. I also love clean eating magazine- so Gerika.


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