Aug 4, 2009

Weekend (high school style)

So lucky for all of us, our friend B, who just took the bar, decided to celebrate by having us over to his parents (who were conveniently out of town- hee) palatial pad. This is one of my favorites homes in my town. Its new but feels like it was built a hundred years ago, then fabulously renovated.

Look at its incredible view of the lake! The river was pretty muddy from all the storms we've had lately, so it was a perfect Saturday to sit by the pool and just admire the lake from the distance.

Me showing off my Brooke Shields Lilly bikini, (I like Lilly in v. small doses).

Here's CM and her baby girl MC- who was precious and made nary a peep all afternoon (my kind of baby)

Our friend Tuck getting some baby time- he said he's good to not see any more for a month or two now.

The Hubs, "Worm" and "Mr. Couch" chilling by the waterfall edge of the infinity pool.

Little MC hanging with the ladies.

Gossiping (while pounding some beers- so much for my big thank you note plan for Saturday afternoon) in the salt water pool.

I just love me some pool parties, especially when the parents are out of town.

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