Aug 24, 2009

My Dog in Southern Weddings Mag?

So my parents and the dogs are down at the Beach Barn (our place in Watercolor) indefinitely (oh, to be somewhat-retired (Daddy) and an artist (Mama)). Mama is walking Henry, our beautiful rescue golden retriever, and sees a girl wearing a wedding dress and a man taking her picture. The photographer sees Henry and starts gushing. This picture does not do him justice- he is an incredibly handsome pup.

Henry is now starting his modeling career for Southern Weddings Magazine! He did a shoot walking down the beach with the "groom" on Saturday afternoon, complete with two people dedicated to shading him from the sun and heat.
Yesterday he did another shoot with the bride and groom. I don't know if his pics will make it, but I hope so! My dream is for him to replace Duke of the Bush's baked beans commercials, become a very popular modeling and acting dog, thus enabling me to quit my job in order to manage his career (and earnings).

So on to the weekend- shrimp was a big hit, and about 20 people ended up eating dinner. Eek. I forgot of course to take any pics, until the post dinner dance party. Here's AK and JM doing some dancing with little MC. Don't worry- MC's mom was dancing along and fully enjoying this.

After cleaning up Saturday morning, and consuming a large amount of Chick-fil-a to combat the effect of my wine spritzers (with lemon Perrier yummy!), I chilled by the pool. A smaller group came on over (we had about 30 people on Friday night and 25-20 Saturday, whew!). The girls brought delicious dips, and we all grilled out.

Tired from beer and sun.

We had filet burgers- ask your butcher to make these. Its the scraps from a tenderloin ground into burgers, wrapped in bacon. Yummy.

Burgers, sweet potato fries, and grilled okra. Perfect easy summer meal. Everyone hung out til late. Most of the ladies headed home at a decent hour, because 4 of us had to wake up early for church, as we are now commissioned as Sunday School teachers! Little MC's mom and I are teaching the 5 year old's together. I'm sure I will have many stories starting next Sunday.


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