Aug 6, 2009

More Before and After- My New Kitchen!


KITCHEN AFTER- Happy Place, tra, la, la

My shiny new stove, and favorite Le Creuset dutch oven.

Fun rug from Cost Plus World Market. Old linoleum tiles were replaced with a wood laminate which the Hubs randomly already had on hand (leftover from one of his commercial/retail developments- his day job, night job is being married to me).

Formerly, there was a blinky fluorescent light that provided more of a home for dead bugs than actual illumination. We rewired to allow for 2 light fixtures, and picked up stainless steel tract lighting from Lowe's on sale.

Please excuse the missing hardware on the cabinets- haven't gotten that far yet. There was no room in the budget for new cabinets. I now love my old cabinets though!! I had them glazed- which transformed them completely! We added a couple of the super cheapo cabinets from Home Depot. After the glazing they fit in with the old ones quite nicely.

New sink, new disposal, new fridge, stove, dishwasher and microwave. (whew). Instead of doing more new cabinets below, I picked up this handy kitchen cart at Big Lots. This way I have more flexibility and something I can take with me.

Above this kitchen cart are new cabinets which are glazed to look the rest like the old cabinets. For some reason the picture will not rotate.

Sorry about that- but you get the point.

With crown molding, new paint and fun artwork, this kitchen is ready to go!! Hurrah!!


  1. I am obsessed with designing a kitchen some day - even though we're still renters. Yours is fabulous! Have you seen the House Beautiful Kitchen of the Month, btw? Oh my GOODNESS:

    Planning on digging into your great blog this weekend, btw! Glad you found me :-)

  2. This ended up looking fantastic! I wouldn't have believed it was the same place! Great work!

  3. You have really nice kitchen... I recently remodel my kitchen with new furniture which got from Home Depot at discounted price!!

  4. Hi! I love your blog - I check it everyday! I was wondering about your Garden Party Jute Rug. I am looking for a new rug for the kitchen and I love this one! Are you satisfied iwth the rug? I see that you need a rug pad under it on the website! Thoughts? Thank you!

  5. Thanks SL! I love the rug- you definitely need a rug pad, but it's working out very well.


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