Aug 6, 2009

Raiding my Grandmother's Closet (Mad Men Style Part 2)

I previously posted about my love of clothing from the early 1960's and mentioned I was investigating my attic. Investigation complete!

Please ignore the goofy pictures- I am not much of a model. This is a Suzy Perette of my grandmother's. Its too big, but just darling in person. I am trying to root up some pics of her in it-apparently her favorite frock of 1963.

Here is another gem which I am taking to the drycleaners immediately, because there are two (probably mold) spots on it. It is fab though, and thoroughly modern.

What a perfect LBD. Its hard to see due to my poor modeling, but the detail along the bottom is rosettes. I want a dress like this in every color.

P.S. please excuse rather greasy appearance-

I'd been playing with this cutie-patootie, my pup Dixie who decided that we needed a run.

Edited to Update:
Apparently the LBD was my Aunt Trish's- she wore it when she was in the Miss Tennessee pageant (1964 I think). That makes sense- it was pretty racy for my Grandmother Faye.

Also- it's absolutely amazing how sizes have changed. I wear a size 4-6 depending on the brand and cut. The LBD was an 8, and the fit was snug (similar to how a 2 or 4 fits on me in modern clothes)! I asked my mom, baffled as to how tiny a size 2 would have been back in the 60's. She does not remember anything smaller than a size 6 then. I guess our clothing sizing was closer to the British sizes now. Interesting, no?


  1. Hi!! Just found your blog through Caitlin's! I'm a Knoxville girl too! Always cool to find another Knoxville blogger...I'll have to keep reading!

  2. I could not The Help down and stayed up late last night just to finish it! Such anxiety wondering what would happen the all of the characters!
    Thanks for the comment :)

  3. Those are both great! Take the first one to a tailor and get it altered!

  4. Greasy appearance excused!
    The dresses are fabulous. I'm with Sarah - have the dark floral altered and wear the heck out of it this fall and winter.

    Happy Weekend!


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