Aug 17, 2009

More Reception and Departure

We had a huge tent for the reception- my backyard looked like the Renaissance Fair for the week prior to the event. Everyone rocked out on stage and off.

The pig- well, I wanted barbeque and the whole hog (literally). After kissing the pig, I realized I had barbeque sauce all over my front. Hee. Luckily I was in my "going away" dress at that point, so NBD.

Back to the food, there was fried chicken, barbeque with both North Carolina sauce (for Hubs) and Tennessee style (for me). There was yummy Spiced Pecans and Cheese Straws, Watermelon and shrimp salad, Corn Pudding , Southern Green Beans
Grilled Bread Salad with Grainger County Tomatoes and Spicy Greens, Lemon Basil Roasted Potato Salad, Lima Bean Salad, and Apple Cider Cole Slaw. Now I am starving.

The car is a 1959 Jaguar (my father's pride and joy). He was a little nervous, but we made it out fine. Thank goodness.


  1. OH, this looks FUN. You are brave to kiss the pig!

  2. So fun!

    Was your departure dress short? I couldn't tell from the pics, but I really like the top portion of it (that I could see)...I am considering switching dresses for my exit!

  3. Sarah- my going away dress was short. If you are having an outdoor wedding, definitely do that. My legs were hot from dancing!!

  4. Your wedding was gorgeous. I love your dress and these pictures were a lot of fun.

  5. I'm sitting here with Trevor who is drooling over your father's car (kind of his fantasy car) (a little bit) (no pretty much exactly)

  6. when I get married, I'm totes calling you to help me plan!! gorgeous!! xxm


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