Aug 13, 2009

College Football Day Continues. . .

Let me introduce Clay Travis- CBS sports writer, lawyer and football fan (especially Tennessee football)

He is the author of an excellent book- Dixieland Delight, describing her experience going to all the SEC schools for football games in one season. I gave my entire family (excluding mama, she is an artist and watches her alma mater once in a blue moon) and friends this for Christmas last year. Huge hit.

I might be partial because the book includes a ranking of the hotness of SEC ladies. Georgia comes in second (damn Ole Miss thwarting us from the top spot). Still, go dawgs.

Clay randomly came to a big Tennessee tailgate we were having last fall. I was looking lovely in this orange, pink and navy dress. I was also feeling lovely due to the amount of Firefly and waters I'd consumed, thanks to MOH. We talked Tennessee and Georgia, Vanderbilt (his law school alma mater and Emory (mine). All in all, a lovely half hour. At least that I can recall.

This is Clay's new book- all about last year's UT season. Wonder if he mentions the hospitality of our tailgate and the adorableness of my dress? I better read it to find out.

Also don't forget Preppy Southern Princess's football swap- deadline is tomorrow. Hmmm, just gave myself an idea for a gift with this blog post.

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  1. Thanks so much for mentioning my swap, I need more people to sign up, and as you know I think Tennessee girls make the best hostesses!


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