Aug 25, 2009

Go out and buy these right now

Normally I think 100 calorie packs are a waster of time and calories. Of course, this realization came after 3 packs in a row of Cheetos puffs that were comprised primarily of air. Good gracious, I could eat 3 bowls of soup for that. Regardless, I was Targeting the other day (when I found my cute Peggy Olsen style ensemble), and picked up these delectable little guys.

My word, they are wonderful! Nuts are something that give you a nutritional bang for your buck, as opposed to Cheetos unsurprisingly enough. These are perfect to satisfy my sweet carving in the afternoon, yet not too sweet (I'm looking at you, Fiber One bars) thus not triggering an attack on anything sweet I can find in a ten mile radius. I fully endorse the 100 calorie idea for nuts because the are the epitome of a good for you thing as long as the portions are small. Go buy them. Yum.


  1. Thanks for stopping by! Love the picture on your header!

  2. OMG I hope they have these everywhere. I too have been plagued by unsatisfying 100-calorie snacks including Weight Watcher cakes that are about 1/3 the size of the picture on the box. So I definitely want to try these!


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