Aug 10, 2009

Must Have Mondays- Deserted Island Music

So here's the premise- you are on a deserted island, and can only have 5 albums with you. No greatest hits, and no soundtracks. This makes it tough (but you need to be tough if you are on a deserted island- I've seen Castaway, I know!). So in no particular order are my picks.
Talking Heads- Stop Making Sense. If some cannibals come over and visit me, we will just put this on and dance. Maybe then they will forget about eating me. There is a plethora of party music, then I can listen to "This Must Be the Place" when I am longing for home.

Bob Dylan- Blood on the Tracks. My friends know when I listen to this I am sad. Very sad. If I am shipwrecked, there are going to be some dark periods, so I will need this classic album, penned in the aftermath of Dylan's breakup with his wife Sara.

Waylon Jennings-Waylon Live. Got to have a little outlaw country. I can just see me chopping wood for my campfire, belting "T for Texas (T for Tennessee). Nowadays I do this while blow drying my hair or driving down the road, two likely non-options on my island.

Van Morrison- Moondance. Just can't live without this album.

Tom Petty- Wildflowers. It was a tough call between this and Full Moon Fever, but this won out. I feel like "You Don't Know How it Feels" would likely become my deserted island anthem. Its a haunting beautiful album and I love every track.

This is a tough game, because I listen to tons of Motown and classic soul. However, when you take "best of's" out of the equation, one Motown album is hard to pick due to labels being so single oriented in that genre of music. If I could include soundtracks on here, The Big Chill would definitely be on my list.

I love this question because its so fun to see others' choices (or my own on any particular day- they change frequently). What are ya'll's top five albums that you can't live without?


  1. Hmmm...I'm too indecisive for just 5!! I know that Jeff Buckley's Grace would be one. Excellent call on the Van Morrison album.

  2. These are great picks. While not all of them would be on my list, the cool thing is that I wouldn't mind if any of them were.

  3. LOVE "This Might Be the Place"-so happy to have discovered your blog!


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