Aug 4, 2009

Illicit Laundry Room Snooping

Well, not actually snooping- just taking a few pictures so I could show my mama our dream mud room/laundry room/household control center. Walking down the flagstone hall. . .

Take a right through the French door, bookshelves on your left.

A neat desk within reach (also a flat screen in the laundry, methinks a little classic Bev Hills 90210 would make my folding go faster)

Lots of counter space and a great sink. Also, my personal fave, wonderful original artwork in your laundry room. Amazing.

Sigh. My laundry room is a washer dryer tucked in the guest room closet. Hey- a girl can always dream.


  1. so i'm reading back into your blog archives! :)

    i bought the "family style" barefoot contessa cookbook today and also thought i'd mention that river road recipes is the best cookbook ever! (i was born in baton rouge and my mom's been cooking out of it for years.)


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