Aug 12, 2009

Wednesday Weekend Dreaming- Oh Atlanta!

A.S.S., Hess, AM and me- I'm ready to see these lovely ladies!!! I am so excited to head down to Atlanta this weekend to see my girlfriends, and celebrate my 28th birthday!

We are eating Friday night at JCT. I have never been and the food sounds amazing! Check out the menu and drool, my friends.

Then apparently, we might be heading to the St. Regis for drinks- country mouse goes to the big city for me.

I think I will wear this fab little DVF number for our big Friday night- unsure about the shoes though- do ya'll think peep toe pumps or black wedges?

Hubs and I are staying with A.S.S. and her husband in their new marital home. A.S.S. is a fabulous hostess and already has gallons of white wine chilling for us. Mmmmm.


I am so excited because I haven't seen these lovely ladies since my wedding at the end of May.
There is going to be a lot of laughing and gossiping for sure. Hubs is a saint- luckily he gets along with all the respective ladies' menfolks who are conveniently during their fantasy drafts this weekend. Good to keep them occupied.


  1. Have a great weekend (and go with the peep-toe pumps)!

  2. WHEN and WHERE did you get that fab little DVF number? I'm coveting right now!

  3. the dress is adorable!!
    you were such a beautiful bride!
    sounds like you have a wonderful weekend planned! have fun!

  4. Your gown was so gorgeous and I would go with peep toes!


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