Aug 7, 2009

Strolling Down Memory Lane via Disposable Camera (basically I think weird things are funny when I have too much wine)

Just developed an old disposable camera- such random pictures.

MOH, me and LS at a friend's bach in Hilton Head last Labor Day.

Me, A.S.S. (now that she's married her actual initials), and Sars. Here we are either demonstrating our skill at resembling members of the F.L.D.S., or the equally impressive skill of making Bump-its out of cigarette packs. Judging from my outfit (virtually a time/date stamp), this is in Athens at the UGA/UT game, after I had found out I passed the bar (clarification- to be a lawyer, not to consume alcohol in). Riotous celebrating ensued for 48 hours, during which at some point I encountered my boss. I hope it wasn't the point captured for posterity above.

Um, not really a clue about these two. Possibly after a UT game? Maybe Hubs stole my super-valuable CVS brand disposable camera. Ghost (in back) appears to have a ponytail-fountain atop his head, and possibly pointing to Spike's lack of such adornment? Really no clue.

Here's Tuck, sporting his football gear and resembling a used car salesman at the football game. My family owns a car dealership, so I am quite familiar with this look. Maybe that's the reason for this pic?

Aw, here's Dixie when she was a wee pup. Adorable!

Here's me with both pups. This looks to be at the Beach Barn, my family's house in Watercolor, so Thanksgiving?

And wrapping things up, a couple pics from my bach party in NOLA at the end of January.
All thirteen of us enjoying ourselves. Probably a little too much, judging by the lack of food and amount of booze on the table. Hmmm.

Law school bff's Shelley and AM. Although they were the only ladies who I attended law school with, there were a total of 5 legal ladies on the trip.


  1. Over a year ago my digital camera was stolen (I have since gotten a new one) and I was dependent on disposable cameras. It was so fun seeing what sort of randomness ended up on there, but I am so thankful now for digital!


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