Aug 10, 2009

Weekend Recap

Friday-Julie and Julia at the downtown theater with some of the girls. LOVED this- especially the Julia Child storyline. Meryl is fabulous!! Her Julia is exuberant and a sheer joy to watch. Both storylines were a testament to sweet supportive husbands, which made me really appreciate my own sweet supportive Hubs.

Julia Child- teaching us how to Master the Art of French Cooking.

Saturday- Had a Junior League retreat in the morning which ended early- whoohoo! Chilled at the pool, then a bunch of us took my boat out and had dinner at Dockside Grill on the lake. Got home just before midnight, so I got plenty of rest to prep me of a full day of wallowing in the pool and playing with my dogs on Sunday.

Dockside Grill in Louisville, Tennessee- had hamburgers, onion rings, and beers (which I neglected to tell Boot Camp this morning, oops).

Oh- as the Hubs will be out of town on my b-day tomorrow, I got early gifts on Sunday! Hurrah!

My requested Anthro clothing- good job Hubs! They are adorable on, and ON SALE!

He also got me a personal trainer game for his Nintendo Wii-

It is so fun and hard- I'm doing the 30 day challenge and was dripping sweat by the end of my session. Awesome!


  1. So glad to find another Knoxville girl!

    I would love to make you a pleated skirt! I'm working on one for a Vol fan right now out of orange and white polka dot fabric... too cute!

  2. sounds like a fab weekend! :)
    that dress and skirt are adorable!!

  3. Good work by the Hubs on the presents!


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